What is the Sunset Lighting Design outdoor product?

Our product is a lighting solution designed for outdoor applications.  The system allows you to control the exact color and intensity of light that you desire for outdoor living. It was originally designed for a pool cage lighting application, but we have also installed our system in screened patios, and in fencing applications.

Why should I use the Sunset Lighting Design system?

Our lights are elegant, they complement your existing space, and they are well built with quality components. Our lighting system was designed to overcome some of the limitations of other comparable products on the market today. Our engineers focused on designing the system to use power efficiently, preventing premature burnout that others have experienced. The installation is professionally done, making the finishing touches add to the look, instead of detracting from it.  Servicing the product is straightforward and does not require special accommodations for the installer to access the system.  The finished product is sleek and functional.  It simply looks great, while bathing your outdoor room in luminous colors.  Our greatest selling point is our satisfied customers, which speak for themselves.