Sunset Lighting Design

Our “Sunset Sconce” elegantly lights up your screen enclosure, and is available in a bronze or white fixture to perfectly match your lanai. Our fully dimmable, and color changing lighting will brighten up your pool enclosure to give it a great new look. There is no need to “pick a lighting color” – one light does it all, and will transform your screen enclosure into a colorful and relaxing getaway.

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It’s the perfect time to add some outdoor lighting
Enjoyable weather and your guests are here now. Don’t try to entertain in the dark, or even worse yet – under harsh floodlights. Recreate that soothing “sunset” lighting all evening long and enjoy your outdoor living space! Now is the perfect time to add some luxurious screen enclosure lighting.

The “Sunset Sconce”

Complete your outdoor living area
You’ve spent time and money on your screen enclosure, so show off your investment and make it a usable space to entertain your guests! Our elegant lanai lighting will accentuate and brighten screen enclosures and outdoor living spaces.

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Product Specifications

  • Installed with no visible wires
  • Color changing, no need to “choose” a single lighting color
  • Fully controllable with hand held remote
  • Dimming function
  • 12″ tall  (10″ or 8″ versions available by special order)
  • 3″ diameter (2″ mount in back)
  • Adjustable color LED’s generate unlimited colors and shades of white
  • High quality aluminum fixture
  • Bronze or white finish (other colors available by special order)
  • Low voltage circuit (12V DC)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Patent Pending Design

Why choose us?

Endless Options
Not only will you get traditional LED colors and soft, warm white lighting in the same system, but even better yet…you can blend the whites and colors to create beautiful pastel tones. Set the brightness level to just the right amount, and you can create the perfect lighting for any occasion.

Upscale Design
Our screen enclosure lights are sleek in design and fit perfectly on the uprights of your pool enclosure. They are the perfect finishing piece to your pool enclosure with an understated design. If you want elegance, and a refined appearance that does not detract from your outdoor space, this is the product you will want!

Designed for our Florida Environment
Unlike big box store or online products you may find, our LED lanai lighting is designed specifically to handle the high humidity, harsh UV rays, chlorine from nearby pools, and salty sea breezes. All of these will wreak havoc on generic light fixtures you will find on the market.

Professional Installation
Installation is just as important as the product. No visible wires create a clean and elegant look. Materials and finish colors are perfectly matched to your enclosure, complementing your existing space.

Durability and Repairability
Hurricane Irma damaged thousands of screen enclosures, and was a rigorous test on our lights, but the storm was no match. Scrapes, bumps and bruises were easily replaced at minimal cost. So in the event that your lanai lights are damaged or have otherwise been the victim of mother nature, they can be quickly be replaced on-site, due to our unique, modular light design.

Our pool enclosure lights are available for quick delivery. If you have guests coming in next weekend, or the holidays are right around the corner, that’s not a problem for us, we can deliver in time!

Need something special? Give us a call. For example, we see pool enclosures with rounded mounting surfaces on the uprights. Just try mounting a light on a rounded surface, not an easy thing to do, but we can do it! We can customize our lighting to fit these rounded contours for a perfect fit.

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