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Privacy PolicyThe “Sunset Sconce” by Sunset Lighting Design LLC provides elegant pool enclosure lighting that fits perfectly on vertical posts, available in a bronze or white fixture to match your new or existing screen enclosure.

Lanai Lights
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

There’s no need to “pick a lighting color”. Our screen enclosure lighting can instantly change from functional white lighting, to vibrant colors, soft pastel tones, or candlelight. Adjust the brightness or dimming level for the perfect lighting to create a relaxing getaway.

Lanai Lights
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

Our lanai lighting operates on low voltage wiring.  All wires are hidden during installation, leaving a professional, clean look that will continue to look great and be reliable for many years to come.

Lanai Lights
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

You’ve spent time and money on your screen enclosure, so show off your investment and make it a usable space to entertain your guests. Re-create that soothing “sunset” lighting all evening long and enjoy your outdoor living space by adding our luxurious lanai lighting.

Lanai Lighting
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

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Pool Enclosure Lighting
Sunset Lighting Design LLC
  • Color changing, no need to “choose” a single lanai lighting color

  • Adjustable LED’s generate unlimited colors, pastels and shades of white

  • Fully controllable with remote and dimming function

  • High quality aluminum fixture

  • Bronze or white powder coat finish

  • Low voltage

  • Installed professionally, with no visible wires

  • 12″ light fixture height

  • 3″ diameter

  • 3 year warranty

Endless Lighting Options
Not only will you get traditional LED colors and soft, warm white lighting in the same system, but even better yet – you can blend the whites and colors to create beautiful pastel tones. Set the brightness level to just the right amount, and you can create the perfect lanai lighting for any occasion.

Lanai Lights
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

Upscale Design
Our screen enclosure lights are sleek in design and fit perfectly on the uprights of your pool enclosure. They are the perfect finishing piece to your pool enclosure with an understated design. If you want elegance, and a refined appearance that does not detract from your outdoor space, this is the product you will want!

Lanai Lights
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

Designed for our Florida Environment
Unlike big box store or online products you may find, our LED lanai lighting is designed specifically to handle the high humidity, harsh UV rays, chlorine from nearby pools, and salty sea breezes. All of these will wreak havoc on generic light fixtures you will find on the market.

Lanai Lights
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

Professional Installation
No visible wires create a clean and elegant look. Materials and finish colors are perfectly matched to your enclosure.

Screen Enclosure Lighting
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

Durability and Repairability
In the unlikely event that our lanai lighting is damaged, or has otherwise been the victim of mother nature, they can easily and quickly be replaced on-site, due to our unique, modular light design.

Lanai Lighting
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

Our pool enclosure lights are available for quick delivery. If you have guests coming in next weekend, or the holidays are right around the corner, that’s not a problem for us, we can deliver in time!

Pool Cage Lighting
Sunset Lighting Design LLC

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