Sunset Lighting Design
About Us

Sunset Lighting Design, LLC is the highly acclaimed manufacturer of the renowned Sunset Sconce™ lanai light designed for pool cages and lanais found in Florida as well as the Southeast United States.

Our Sunset Sconce™ was designed in Florida to meet a need that existed in the pool cage lighting market for many years. At the time, there were a few products that were first to market, but there was nothing available that incorporated reliability, color changing options, a perfect fit for narrow lanai posts, high quality materials, and a sleek upscale design. Lanai lighting installers were asking for a pool cage light that that presented well to customers, and didn’t require frequent, costly service calls.  We launched the Sunset Sconce™ and nailed it on all points. Our Sunset Sconce™ is now sold primarily through authorized, independent sales and installation representatives.  

We are committed to the highest standards of quality on all levels, particularly our product, and customer service both before and after the sale. We continue to manufacture the Sunset Sconce™ in Florida so that we continue to uphold our exacting quality standards. Sunset Lighting Design, LLC is based out of Tampa, FL and we serve all regions of Florida and surrounding states.

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