LED Lanai Lighting

Sunset Sconce™ pool cage lighting:
High Quality, combined with Elegance and Durability.

Our Sunset Sconce™ Lanai Lights are sleek in design and fit perfectly on the upright posts of your new or existing lanai, without bulky overhang. Our lanai lighting blends in perfectly with a sleek, understated design.

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Our Sunset Sconce™ lanai lights operate on low voltage wiring, and when professionally installed, there are no visible wires. All of our materials are carefully selected and assembled in Florida to withstand all that Florida weather can deliver.

Sunset Sconce

Our LED lanai lighting changes instantly from vibrant colors to functional white lighting, candlelight, or soft pastel tones.

If you reside in Tallahassee, we now have options to bring our elegant, vibrant, and high quality lanai lighting into your lanai or pool cage!
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